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Information for People Interested in Sasha Dolls

 Friends of Sasha is a newsletter which I published from 1989 through 2005. Each issue contains at least one pattern for Sasha doll clothing; articles on the history and identification of Sasha dolls; information on events and collectors and many photos. The issues from 1989-1995 are out of print (though some single issues from these years may be available) but I still have complete yearly sets of Friends of Sasha from 1996 through 2005. The cost is $15 per yearly set in the US and $20 per yearly set overseas.

In 1999, I wrote the book Sasha Dolls Through the Years which was published in both a soft cover edition and a hardcover edition. This book is a guide for Sasha doll collectors as well as those who are interested in the history of Sasha Dolls. Through over 200 full-color photos and accompanying text, the studio dolls of Sasha Morgenthaler and the Sasha dolls manufactured in Germany (1964-1970 & 1995-2001) and in England (1965-1986) are covered. Soft cover editions are $29.00 plus postage in US or overseas. Hardcover editions are $35.00 plus postage in US or overseas

Please contact me at for current postal charges

You can request to have your copy of Sasha Dolls Through the Years signed by the author.

Complete Sets of Gotz Sasha Doll Catalogs


The large catalogs, in full color, from 1995-2000 contain the yearly lines of Sasha Dolls produced in Germany by Gotz Puppenfabrik.

For 2001, two complete catalogs of the complete doll line by Gotz—the Artist Dolls and the Manufactured Dolls, are included. The 2001 line of Limited Edition Sasha Dolls and Modern Dolls are included in these two catalogs.

$35 postpaid in the US for all 8 catalogs

$40 postpaid overseas for all 8 catalogs

Order from:

Dorisanne Osborn

3977 Oak Street

Keuka Park, New York 14478 USA

Email:   Phone: (315) 536-2695


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